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been out of the collecting game a while

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thanks guys. I have been out since maybe 2010 or so. crazy to see what has taken place. looks like the site with "V" in it is pretty much not operational. in the last decade i would go over there once every year or two yrs and not find much. I heard people are doing facebook stuff and groups.  

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One of the guys I remember from when I first started collecting, using the old vintage site and others. The prices have gone up. I think one reason is finds are so hard to come by now. I used to pass up on complete survivors for $200 like a Redline MX from 79. Now youd be lucky to get a frame for that, crazy for sure. Its been a couple years since I found anything.

Welcome back pquinn

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forgot to add something
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It's always great to see the old names! I have to agree, the prices are just insane. I remember 15 years ago thinking if I could buy motorcycles for the same price as vintage BMX bicycles, I would go the route of less physical work.  I truly love BMX but I think I will have to appreciate it from a distance.  It would be nice to see you again Pat! I hope everything is well...

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