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43 minutes ago, Brian Hays said:

I too have always wanted one of these. Congrats!!!

Thank you Sir…I still would’ve liked to have one of your Navajo’s instead..!!!

I meant to follow up with this one.  Yes…I saw it listed on eBay over a year ago for local pick up in Astoria.  Contacted the seller…had a meet up all set…but something on both ends kept us from meeting up.  Kind of just gave up on it at some point.

Over a year later I decided to follow up.  It was no longer listed but I was able to contact the seller and this time it happened.

This is the only pic I had of the bike as listed.



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After picking it up cash in hand at night in Astoria…this is the condition it was in.

Yes…never ridden and garage kept for six years or so…but…don’t leave a bike like this next to the lawn mower or whatever..!!!

I am currently swapping out the brake with a blue Bullseye…just need to find a blue Bullseye lever to match.  I swapped the pedals and seat clamp also switched the donuts.

I finished polishing the wheels, bars, cranks and post…just need to finish up the frame/forks.  Also had to swap out the chain for a brand KMC Z.

Beautiful bike.




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On 1/2/2022 at 7:43 PM, TrulyOdd said:

Nice.  I bought one when they were released but sold it a few years later.   Kinda wish I would of kept it now. 

Thanks…yeah…this one is a keeper.  Will look better then new once I’m finished and yes…my kids like this one too.

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Yep!! I remember that being on Ebay with that pic forever but he wouldn't ship, if I remember right. I had also bought a new 2007 retro when they came out and wish I had never sold it too.

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