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Parts - Is there something specific you need?

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Great thread and one that will be useful to those that are not in it for financial gain.

I will kick things off with a couple of items I've been in search of for a while.

I have two orphan front Enkei Eagles that I would like to find a read to match. I'm happy to swap/trade/buy outright- whichever, but if someone wanted to swap a front for a rear I will cover both ends of the postage as I am in Australia.

I've also been searching for a cap for a Brute stem. I bought the Brute base years ago but have had no luck finding a cap unless I felt like parting with a stupid amount of cash.

If anyone can help with either of these items it would be great.





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Hey all! I’m new to this group but have been restoring my old 1983 Diamondback formula one. It was stolen and stripped of a few parts most I’ve been able to replace. However there are a few last items I need to finish this bike and pass on to my son.

I am willing to buy Diamondback turbo dust caps for the Sugino crankset. ( I only need one but I’ll buy a pair). Sugino chainring bolts (5) (chrome). The last and final piece has been the hardest. I need a rear 36h Araya aluminum rim, Suzue sealed low flange Juno hub, with 16t suntour freewheel. (I only need the rear but will buy a pair set if necessary). I’ve been search and piecing this bike back to original for the past 2 years as I find the time and money, but my son is getting ready for his first big kid bike and I’d love to complete this for him. Any help is enormously appreciated!



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i have a single nos oakley grip i don't need in my avatar. also looking for a phil wood spider for one piece cranks. and looking for a carlisle aggressor mx 200 20x1.75

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forgot tire
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