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BMX Society Bike Show Registration & Bob Osborn Symposium - BMX Society Show 2022

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Saturday, June 4th, 2022      @ The Carson Center in Carson, California

*** 801 E Carson St, Carson, CA 90745 ***

The event has two separate components - the bike show, 9am to 3pm, and then the evening Dinner Symposium with Bob Osborn and an all-star line up of BMX VIP's from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM. 

Registration for the bike show and tickets for the evening dinner are separate and available at the links below.



Link to Bike Show Registration: https://bmxsociety2022.ticketbud.com/2022-bmx-society-bike-show-registration

Bike Show is 9AM - 3PM you must register to be eligible for bike show awards receive the t-shirt AND to have a guaranteed space to set up your canopy etc.  


Link to Bob Osborn Symposium Tickets: https://bmxsociety2022.ticketbud.com/bob-osborn-symposium

Bob Osborn Symposium is 5:30PM to 9:30 PM  Dinner is included there will be a cash bar

Dinner menu:  


Chicken Enchilada Casserole
Spanish Cesar Salad 
Refried Beans
Beverage station with Water, Lemonade, Coffee.
** They will also provide some pure vegan options,  we just have to let them know how many to prepare 14 days in advance.

This will sell out in advance.  This is how you make sure you can be there for this historical evening - buy your tickets now.



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2022 BMX Society Bike Show 

Bike Show is 9AM - 3PM you must register to be eligible for bike show awards receive the t-shirt AND to have a guaranteed space to set up your canopy etc. Swap meet participation is also allowed upon registration for the show.

**Please note, the city of Carson requires sellers to have a business license.  We won't check, but if the city checks, you are responsible for covering your own sellers license.


Bike Show registration: https://bmxsociety2022.ticketbud.com/2022-bmx-society-bike-show-registration

Registration includes commemorative poster and t-shirt.

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BMX Society's Bob Osborn Symposium, presented by Bicycle Motocross Action


Bob Osborn Symposium Tickets available here: https://bmxsociety2022.ticketbud.com/bob-osborn-symposium

This will be a star studded evening featuring Old School BMX VIP's and Wizard Publication alum.


This event is brought to you by...


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The Carson Center from above... the yellow shaded area is where the BMX Society Bike show will take place.  Note that this is the updated satellite photo - we have moved the show to the larger EAST LOT at the Carson Center.   That evening, we'll enter for the Bob Osborn Symposium from the red shaded semi-circle marking the entrance.



Registration for the BMX Society Bike Show includes a t-shirt, collectible poster and eligibility for awards in the bike show.  You can also take part as a seller in the swap meet for used BMX collectibles in and informal way**.


We will release information on the classes for the bike show on social media soon.



**Note on swap, please be advised that the city of Carson requires people selling to get a business license.  


Bike Show registration: https://bmxsociety2022.ticketbud.com/2022-bmx-society-bike-show-registration

Bike show classes vying for awards...







The evening we'll move indoors from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM, when Bicycle Motocross Action is going to present our Bob Osborn Symposium and presentation of the BMX Society Life Time Achievement Award.  Dinner is included in the price of your ticket.


Bob Osborn Symposium Tickets: https://bmxsociety2022.ticketbud.com/bob-osborn-symposium




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Stu Thomsen and Greg Hill will be there talking about the impact of Bob Osborn and Wizard Publications on their own lives and careers...



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This time next week, I'll be starting my drive to California.  :Liv2ride:

The window of opportunity for tickets is beginning to close. We are getting close to sell out again for the bike show. Creeping up on it for the Dinner Symposium. There is NO ASSURANCE that day of registration or tickets for the symposium will be available. If you want to be sure... now is the time. Please don't wait... if you are going to come, get your ticket to avoid missing the show.

** if you are coming, please remember that you will need to show that QR code on your registration email or dinner symposium tickets. You can keep it on your phone or print it out, there is an option in your ticket e-mail. We will scan those at the entrance of the dinner and you will need it to access the lot at morning lot. This is your proof. Please keep it on you.

Bob Osborn Dinner Symposium Tickets: https://bmxsociety2022.ticketbud.com/bob-osborn-symposium

Bike Show Registration: https://bmxsociety2022.ticketbud.com/2022-bmx-society-bike-show-registration

Screen Shot 2022-05-26 at 5.26.27 AM.png

Screen Shot 2022-05-26 at 5.25.44 AM.png

Screen Shot 2022-05-26 at 5.24.16 AM.png

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