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Did I Ruin My Vintage Suzuki?

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Hello All - I recently came across my vintage Suzuki frame and fork BMX bike while helping my mom move. I am also curious how you verify the date, I looked for a serial number and wasn't able to find anything. The big question is, did I ruin the value of this bike by painting out blue? not sure why I thought it was a good idea but when you are 14 years old... thanks for any insights you may have, R.IMG_8991.HEICIMG_8987.HEICIMG_8973.HEIC

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I missed this post and not seeing the pics.  If you can…please upload the pics again.  

I’ll also move this to the “riding, research…” forum.  It’ll get a lot more views there. 

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It would probably be worth more if it had the original paint, so in that sense maybe a little, but unless you plan to sell it who cares. The history of the bike is with you painting it when you were a kid and IMO that’s just as cool as having it original.


please post pics if you can!

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