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Greg Hill’s first GHP 24” cruiser prototype

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I saw a video that Greg Hill posted of his GHP 24” cruiser on FB.  

I thought it was real cool so I grabbed some screen shots from the vid.  He mentioned it was the first one ever made.  A pre production frame & fork and didn’t have a  serial number.  

I thought you non-FB guys might like to see it. 


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Yes VDC made all of the Star and GHP frames from 1982-1985. At the end of 85 when Voris sold the production division of VDC, Greg pulled the plug because the frames sucked and went to Asia for production. Those can be differentiated by the serial being on the BB instead of the dropout. Greg also said that he put the 85 decals on this replacing the 84 style decals.

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Yes indeed, I gave this complete bike 'back' to Greg. I worked at GHP when he got his company going, cleaning, polishing and stickering up the new frames and forks. Boxed them up for shipping and pretty much doing all the warehouse stuff. We were friends form all the way back when he first started around 1975 or so. 

This frame was his first design for a 24" cruiser and I believe we decided the bottom bracket was too low. I think he redesigned it and raised the bottom bracket up.

I had quit racing in 79 but continued to race a couple time a year after. I had not raced in a while and had never raced a cruiser but I raced this one once, It was a USBA SoCal national in October of 84. I guess Brett Allen(?) and Marvin Church, both racing for mongoose, were a big deal at this time. I beat them both in my first moto and I guess I pissed off Skip Hess and the whole Mongoose team for doing so. LOL 

I didn't do so well in the main but didn't care, I had some fun. I did end up with a great picture from the day.

Anyway, fast forward to 2022. I'm newly retired after 40 years with UPS and I need to thin out my 'stuff'. I rolled up to Greg's house and handed him this complete bike, pretty mush just as I raced it. Probably a prototype frame, one of (insert a small number here) of those GHP bars. I have plenty of special bikes, Greg deserves this one. 

Greg on his GHP cruiser.jpg



GHP  (1).jpg

Cruiser race Hustler uniform 10-28-84.jpg

Honda at GHP.jpg

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