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Well, this is a monthly contribution amount that is aimed at being economically painless.  We need solidarity of support among members and this is an amount you might spend on a  coffee, or tip the waitress for a couple beers.  It's a pittance, and you can probably harvest change from your couch cushions to cover the cost each month. It renews monthly automatically.

$25.00/3 months

This adds up to a whopping $8.33 a month!  Ballers only. :nah.I.mean-1:

This is for those who can be a little more generous in their support while still keeping things really painless for the budget. The first payment is $25.  Then every 3 months after it renews automatically at $25.  This is designed to have as little economic impact on your life as possible.  Thanks for your support. This site is an important archive and BMX cultural platform and we need the support of everyone in the community to sustain it. 

$10.00 for first year
$0.00/year renewal

This is a one time donation of $10 bucks. You get Supporting Member status for 1 year.


This is for those who can afford to really help the site out.  Thank you. It is deeply appreciated. This is not a subscription, it is a one time support donation and it will not renew. 


This is for those who are fully aligned with the BMX Society mission to preserve and promote BMX Culture. So, if you really want to help support the site and what it represents, and have the budget that allows you to make a real difference...  Your support is appreciated.