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Found 1 result

  1. Hello bmxsociety, here to show off and mingle lol From the 80s and always had bmx until the mb craze of the 90's and i had actually moved out to the hilly country then so that was ok but I eventually missed how my old bike rode, nostalgia also plays a role though. Thats what i did, rode my bike if not burning up nes's. At night cops didn't bother kids back then for riding without a headlight. Anyway not many local people i know into bmx anymore as they are older and bigger now but that isnt stopping me. I truly like the 80's bmx the most wether it be race or flatland. I dont mind if a bike isnt made of chromoly or had been sold at a department store or heaven forbid rust! But i am a cheapsdkate when it comes to this new hobby of mine and have figured out how to do almost 100% of the work myself as to not pay labor either. I will pick up junk bikes and check scrap yards. May not be for everyone, thats ok. Here is my "baby", a previously abused performer i built from frame up. Its an 87. Still need this weeks project pics but it rides again! Quite nice too.