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Found 3 results

  1. Was watching an old episode of Thrift Hunters on TV the other day and saw the guy pick up a RAD movie jacket. The show is basically two guys going around to Thrift Stores looking for treasures to sell on eBay. They weaseled their way to a warehouse owned by a small store and dug out a bunch of stuff, including this jacket. They both bought a pile of clothes for $10 each....then ran home and listed the jacket on the bay for $1000. He ended up haggling with a buyer and gettling $700. I have my thoughts....but let me know yours.
  2. Stop #5 of the Sugar Cayne Bike Fest Tour is happening at Trumbull T.R.A.C.K., Indian Ledge Park Road, Trumbull CT 0661. It’s also the 2nd Annual Sugar Cayne Bike Fest At Trumbull. Trumbull is where the first ever SCBF started and for the 2nd annual event we’re gonna do it big. New for this year we added an expo which is open to all vendors (bike shops, manufacturers, apparel, art, health, swap meet, etc) to setup a booth. This will also be the first time we’re going to be doing the new 9 competition format at Trumbull, there will be plenty of fun things to do! SCBF#5 features competitions for BMX, MTB,Cyclocross, Balance Bikes and Balance Bikes/Stiders. It's for all ages and diciplines See all the list of competitions and more info on http://www.sugarcaynebikefest.com/scbf-stop5-trumbull-t-r-a-c-k-ct/ You can do one competition for $15 or do as many competitions as you want for $30. (Save money by pre registering) $30 also covers ANY BIKE you would like to compete with, so bring em all and use a different one for each competition! Some competitions require a full face helmet but loaner helmets are available if needed You can wear either flat pedals or clips for this event ALL NON USA BMX Members must sign a FREE 1 Day membership to participate in this event CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO The track will be open at 9am for practice and the competitions will begin at 11am (weather permitting) We will be running the competition back to back with a little breaks in between each competition Prizes for the winners will be handed out at the end of the event. If Prize winners are not present to receive their prize, they will not get their prize. Please keep in mind that THIS IS AN ALL DAY EVENT. Registration is open all day from 9am-4pm (So if you come late to the event but the competition(s) you would like to compete in hasn’t started yet, it’s possible for your to still sign up for it) SCHEDULE OF COMPETITIONS: (Competitions start at 11am then run back to back with short breaks in between) Cyclocross Meets BMX (All categories) Strider/Balance Bike races Fastest Gate MTB Vs Cruisers Race (1 moto transfer) (Full Face Helmet Required) Fat Bike Race (1 Moto Transfer) (Full Face Helmet Required) High Jump (all categories) Last Straight Dash (Head to Head Elimination Race) Bike Relay Race (Motos and Mains) (Full Face Helmet Required) Long Jump MTB VS Cruiser (Mains) (Full Face Helmet Required) Fat Bike Race (Mains) (Full Face Helmet Required) First Straight Style (Full Face Helmet Required) JUST ADDED!! 35&Over Skyway Race JUST ADDED!! We also added a Vintage BMX “Best Of Show” competition with a set of Skyway Mags for first place! The only rule is your bike has to be a BMX bike from 1994 or older. $5 to enter your bike in the competition! JUST ADDED!! We will also have a raffle, we have some cool prizes to raffle off JUST ADDED!! We’re also having a bicycle swap meet so bring all the bike parts you want to buy, sell or trade!! COMPETITION DESCRIPTIONS: Fat-Bike Race If you have a Fat Bike and want to race other Fat Bike riders on a BMX track, this is the event for you. All we need are 3 fat bike riders of more to make this race happen so spread the word to all the Fat-Bike riders you know! This race will be run with a 1 moto transfer/ 2 Lap Main. If there are 8 riders or less in a class, everyone goes straight to the 2 lap main. Stider/Balance Bike Race If you have a Strider or balance bike we have a race for you! Bring your kids to race on the awesome Strider track at Hampton BMX Mens Cyclocross Challenge (16&over) Riders will do 10 laps around the track backwards starting from the finish line. Whoever comes in first at the end of the race wins. Cyclocross, BMX(All Sizes), MTB, Trial, Single speed, Fixed Gear can all enter this event. Limited to 25 (The 10-15 year olds will do 5 laps and 5-9 year olds do 3 laps) Womens Cyclocross Challenge (16&over) Riders do 10 laps around the track backwards starting from the finish line who ever comes in first at the end of the race wins. Cyclocross, BMX(All Sizes), MTB, Trial, Single speed, Fixed Gear can all enter this event. Limited to 25 riders (The 10-15 year olds will do 5 laps and 5-9 year olds do 3 laps) Fastest Gate Who can reach the 30 yard line the fastest? Come out the gate and pedal as fast as you can to the 30 foot line. Time is tracked by stop clock. Any bike type can enter this competition (No Fixed Gears). High Jump Comp Highest jump wins. If you hit the height pole you get eliminated. The competitions are separated into BMX/MTB, Cyclocross/Road Bike, Fat Bike Only, Fixed Gear Only and Women categories. We’ll give the riders a 5 min practice. Best Style Who has the best style on the last straight? Is jumping more stylish? Maybe you can manual the whole last straight. Maybe you can just make jumping all the jumps on the last straight look so easy. It doesn’t matter how you approach it as long as you do it with style! Whoever does the best line with the best style wins! Last Straight Dash Riders compete in a head to head sprint/pump down the last straight in an eliminator competition. Whoever beats out all opponents wins! Any bike type can be used in this event. No Fixed Gears Long Jump Riders sprint/pump down the last straight and launch off the very last lip to see how far they can go. Whoever goes the farthest wins. Any bike type can joint this competition. No Fixed Gears (Rules Subject to change depending on track) MTB Vs Cruisers This race will be run with a 1 moto transfer/ 2 Lap Main. If there are 8 riders or less in a class, everyone goes straight to the 2 lap main. Bike Relay Race -This unique race is a team relay. All you have to do to make a team is to find some other riders at the event(Or Before) who want to be on your team then sign up. -Each team must have 1 MTB, 1 BMX, 1 BMX Cruiser(24?) and 1 Cyclocross or Fat Bike and a total of 4 riders (Men/Women). There also has to be one 5-9 year old, one 10-15 year old, one 16-29 year old and one 30 year old or older on your team in order to enter this race. The team order will be youngest to oldest. IF NO ONE IN YOUR TEAM HAS A FAT-BIKE OF CYCLOCROSS BIKE YOU CAN INSTEAD USE A MTB OR BMX CRUISER 24? INSTEAD. -Riders will line up in their assigned lane in the order they want to race. The first team member will be on the gate. -Once the gate drops the first competitors race around the track until they get to the end of the gate on the last straight where they will dismount their bikes and run to the starting hill and tap their next team mate who will be waiting in the assigned lane. -Once the next rider is tapped the can mount their bike on the starting gate and the gate will drop again. the gate will stay open until all the rider have gone through. This will repeat until the last rider in the team is tapped. -Which ever team passes the finish line first or laps all the other teams wins the race or moves on to the next round. - Only 4 teams can compete per moto and only 4 teams can make it to the main. NOTE: Helmets, long sleeve shirt or T-shirt with elbow pads. Pants or shorts with knee/shin pads must be worn for all competitions PRIZES: We have awesome prizes from our sponsors Skyway, Hyper Bicycles, Snafu, Cult, Nutcase, Rennen Design Group, Cranx Bike Park, BodyArmor Super Drink, Cranx Bike Shop, Crit Plate and PlusSize BMX. We added a swap meet and Vintage BMX best of show competition to the event spread the word!! For the 2nd Annual Sugar Cayne Bike Fest at Trumbull T.R.A.C.K in CT we added a special 35 Year Old and Over Skyway Race! It’s a race for all the older riders who’ve been wanting to get their hands on some awesome Skyway Machines swag that’s been coming out! The competition will be a 1 moto transfer race and for the main the competitors will have to do two laps around the track! FLAT PEDALS ONLY! First place will get an awesome looking chrome 2014 Skyway T/A frame and fork in a 50th Anniversary Box, 2nd place will get a set of black Skyway Tuff Wheels and 3rd place with get two 50th Anniversary Skyway hats (1Black & 1 Grey) So come through this Saturday Sept 20th and see if you can win the goods!! Track opens at 9am, competitions start at 11am. Full event schedule will be posted soon!