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Found 2 results

  1. Just happened to be flipping through the channels and caught this strategically placed in the background. A clean Redline Squareback (not exactly all era correct) but original and nice nonetheless). I snapped a couple pics as it flashed by. The hog ain’t too bad either!!!
  2. Earlier in June, a member of the BMX Society group on Facebook, named Mike Sandoval, posted a very striking set of photos with a fairly unassuming caption: "So I've had this Proto type square back almost all my life turns out it's pretty badass" Yeah. Understatement of the decade. While posts and threads about the STR-1 even the 2nd one, get so much attention, this Redline cruiser seems to only pique the interest of a few dozen folks in the hobby. Not a good sign for the collective wisdom of the community. This frame set is a very big deal. Huge even. That's why I called this thread the "humble grail"... it is such an important piece, but it really is kind of flying under the radar in terms of what you might expect. I think if this had showed up 8 years ago, we'd have a thread dozens of pages deep. In brief, he explained that it is a 24" he has had since he was a kid. He had it painted yellow at the turn of the 2000's, but stripped it recently, and kind of realized he had something significant. So people came over here and got photos to repost on FB (uncredited of course ), especially the Mel thread for photos or even screen shots of you guys' comments on the Redline serial thread. The pics were ones you are all familiar with like this Rick Twomey photo of Bobby Watts on a Redline squareback cruiser: or this excerpt from our Big Wheel Chronicles expose'(http://www.bmxsociety.com/topic/29869-the-big-wheel-chronicles/ ) : Amongst the pics was this Dirtmaster ad showing Thom Lund and Bob Phillips. Bob is putting the headset into either the frame Watts is seen riding, or one similar to it, it would appear: detail shot: The serial number on Mike Sandoval's frame is #163, and here is Kastan's Redline ledger showing an entry of that number being shipped to Bob Phillips. This was 1975! So, discussing this with Rick Gaytan and Brian Guttierez, we were of the opinion that such an important piece MUST have a thread about it here on the site itself, and not just on Facebook. All the action is on FB now days, but for archival purposes, we still have to keep the site up to date with things like this. FB may go the way of Myspace eventually. We have to back up the treasures of BMX history that show up there, by archiving the info here as well. This thread is a work in progress at this stage, we will all tag team it in order to document what we will all agree is an exceedingly important piece of the BMX history. Here are the shots of his frame that Mike Sandoval posted in our Facebook group: