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Found 5 results

  1. Was at a swap and found these pics that were getting ready to be thrown away. A seller was emptying boxes of stuff out on his table...the things he thought were trash at the bottom he'd throw away. I just happen to glance over and see him looking at pics and throwing them back in the box. I caught a flash of one of the bike pics and asked to see what they were. These are the few I found. Looks like 1985-86....pretty sure they're from Long Beach, CA.
  2. Greetings from bankrupted Greece all..! Its been a while since i last posted here and i am really glad that after a whole year, i finished restoring my childhood bike. I hope you ll enjoy what i ve done with it! every part of the 1982,Kuwahara e.t. is genuine,ecxept the tires i m still trying to find on line.. cheers!
  3. I found this bike in my storage room after 25 years as it was my first bike as a kid.. dont know much about bikes but looked it up and it is original for sure and not in a very good condition..no cracks but 25 years in a basement scratches.. is it worth selling it or try to rebuild it..? and by selling it can i get over a million..???lmao any good offers..?cause its better for someone who really respect it...
  4. Found this red survivor 1980 Kuwahara KZ1 recently. Had to post.
  5. I recently became an owner of what I believe is a 1982 Kuwahara. Is it a KZ-1, KZ-2? This is my first BMX bike and I know nothing about them except for my internet search last night. I have a boat load of questions....... How can I tell what name brand the rims are? I know it has Dia Compe brakes with MX levers. Chrome is good on the handle bars, sprocket and rims and should clean up well. The paint on the forks is pretty chipped, but the rest of the frame is in really good shape. I am into vintage snowmobiles and I know with them original condition is key on certain models and restoration is ok on others. Would it be best to leave this bike as is, with it's patina (a survivor), clean it up, restore? And finally, the question we all hate on the snowmobile forum....what's it worth? I plan on taking more pictures tonight or many of the details. Are there any clubs in the New England Area? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.