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Found 3 results

  1. One of my Vintage Cruiser Bud's just sent me Pic's of Bars he found. I searched..he searched...and all we found was UK info. are these UK bars? Radbmx showed a Price List from 1984 of Shadow Bull Bars..and radbmx showed a 83 TA with Shadow Bull bars..but I couldn't see the bend in the Rad Photo( side shot of the Bike only ) from what I gather..they are Shadow Bull Bars, ?????? any thoughts, cool Bends on em hey!
  2. First off let me say this is not for sale nor ever will be. Thought I would share it with you kind folks and I do have a question on the number system if anyone knows. A little history, this is my old race bike as raced from 84-85 minus the bars, cranks and stem. It is a Shadow by CW from 83 I am almost certain? I got this bike in early 84 from a friend Bart McDaniel who was Shadows first factor pro for only one race unfortunately. I built the bike at Inside Line bike shop, it has the original wheels with Hutch hubs and original forks. Will post more picture of the forks later as I am not sure of the brand. I raced this bike in 84 and 85 prior to getting a Robinson. It was a great bike to ride with not many around, I was one gate flip away in the final A-Pro main from winning the 85 Great NW Nationals after taking a 3rd, 1st and only need a 4th or better. Then I sold it to a good friend who raced it for a year or so then got out of the sport and changed some items on it. Sadly he died 11 years ago (R.I.P. Troy!) and his dad put it up in the garage. Fast forward to this weekend, we had a BBQ and his dad brought the bike over for me, I was so frick'n excited to see this bike again, ironically since my return to racing after a short 20 years away I had reconnect with Bart and he was over as well when the Shadow rolled into my shop, it is a tad rough around the edges but plan to make it as close to when I raced it as possible. Sorry to be long winded so my question is on the serial number which is SP1003, am sure the SP is for Shadow Products, is the 1 for the first run of frames or is #100 in 83 or #1 in 83? Am pretty sure they did not have 1003 made in the first year. Any help would be great. Thanks and cheers!!!!!
  3. Today some good info on JMC Black Shadow and Shadow frames was shared on the site's facebook group. I wanted to put it here as well for safe keeping. Thanks, Jon Western for the information!