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Found 5 results

  1. So over the weekend this box showed up at the house. From what I was told they are both 1981 and only made 8 apart from each other. And both have Tange Forks. The red one had a rack mounted with screws through the drop outs. Any more info out there and the frame ? Thanks
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/283798141178?ul_noapp=true 16.5 inch TT top of seat mast looks long Mini??? Sadly "my" ProAm lives with it's new daddy now, and I don't have one for reference, but comparing pictures, the seat mast over the top tube seems longer, TT more sloped, and I can't imagine how this guy measured the TT to be 16.5, as I'd be banging the f out of my short legged knees on something that short. Anyone with a ProAm in the stable confirm this to be mini or pro size??
  3. I was showing this to Chromey and he mentioned you guys might get a kick out of it. So here it is... A while back a local buddy of mine and super OG BMX guy hand made me a 70's MX style oval number plate. Which was AWESOME. But i had no home for it other than my fireplace mantle. It just didn't look right on a RL20II or a Haro Sport LOL Anyhow, after much thought, it only made sense to build an entire bike so i would have something to hang the number plate on and do it some justice. So I hit up the same buddy and after some discussion, I ended up with his Panda and a great jumping off point for a mid 70's race build, which i've kinda wanted to do for a bit anyhow. The downhill triple tree fork is insanely radical. The story behind the fork is that it was found in the dumpster at Panda years and years ago. An Italian saddle i'm guessing was off big sis's 10-speed? and some beautiful blue bars, Race Inc? So! Here she is. My first legit 70's BMX Race build and the newest, most unique additional to a FULL ON 80's Freestyle Line up.
  4. saw these a while ago at the long beach swap. cool Panda skateboard. thought i'd post.
  5. i saw this a few months ago at the LB swap and bugged out. it's a 1974 Panda ....to see ANY is rare in their own right but this one had original orange metallic paint. i've never seen one this early with metallic (orange) paint and had to go over and see what was up. the story... i spotted a gentleman from a far cruising it around. i caught up with him to ask about it.....says he found it up in northern california and put some parts on it so he could ride it. he didn't seem to know what he had or know much about it at all. i had to tell the dude what was up!!!! needless to say, he left feeling pretty stoked. had to take some pics of if...