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Found 9 results

  1. Anyone feel like posting a picture of theirs? Thanks. I'm talking about the full chromoly diamond frame with no front gusset. I'm really intrigued by these frames. I think I want to find/build one up.
  2. For some reason, Schwinn Mag Scramblers don't seem to get as much love as they should. Anyone know the year of this one? SN: CP809774 and headtube badge is stamped 1108 I got one today and probably paid full value, which is why it might not be considered a score in the traditional sense. It has some really rad parts on it though like the o.g.k. grips, Hunt-Wilde plate, and the tires.. I was bummed at first when I saw they weren't the suction cup tires until I saw what it had on the front 20x2.125
  3. I saw this Schwinn Approved double clamp stem (Pic A) posted in their 1978 BMX catalog. Did they come stock on any bikes? Post a pic or info if have one.
  4. Hello , my name is guy and I would like to know if this is worth doing a restore or save ? Also will I be able to get original parts for this new or even find any old part for this to restore ? Like will this be extremely hard to find parts for this ? Or should I just keep everything that is salvageable and just fill in rest with cool new part that you can buy now like dia compe de 990 brakes and so on ?
  5. Hey hey, just wondering the rarity/value of this bike for sale near me. Late 80’s schwinn predator all original other than the seat from what I understand. Thanks in advance!
  6. I just saw this new 2020 Schwinn Sting 20” complete. Not sure if others have seen it thought I’d post it here for discussion. https://www.sugarcayne.com/2020/11/schwinn-sting-bmx-racing-bike/
  7. I saw this out diggin and posted it in the swap thread. It’s definitely a tricked out survivor so thought it deserved its own thread. Homemade frame reinforcement mods, Matthews handlebars, KKT pedals, Araya rims, Etc. Check it out.
  8. View Offer Schwinn sprocket 46T Schwinn sprocket pulled off a 1977 bike. Straight with light/normal wear. Price 20.00 keep_it_warm Submitted 01/28/2020 Category BMX Parts
  9. recently got this... Schwinn Sting frame set. 1987 (I think)...full chromoly, original decals and smoked chrome finish. 5" headtube, tapered (& capped) forks, the (top & down) tubes are flared by headtube. the lower part of seat tube flsres out at bottom bracket. I'm not too knowledgable on this model Sting. Can anybody drop some science...