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Found 12 results

  1. i've found a couple pics on my computer and thought it'd make for a cool thread. people famous for something (actor, athlete, musician, singer, rapper, artist...etc), other than BMX, that you wouldn't expect to be collectors or BMX enthusiasts. i know Slash of Guns N Roses was an old bmx racer and is known to have a few old school rides. There's a few Hip Hop artists too. post up pics of anyone you know... here's Slash of Gun N Roses fame.
  2. I’m thinking about getting a bmx but every bmx I’ve ridden feel tiny and uncontrollable, should I get a bigger size or just get used to the small feeling of bmx?
  3. I have an old Haro Monacoque frame that I got when I was younger. It is in good condition, I am looking to sell it. If you are interested, comment on this and let me know, I would also like to know more about the Monacoque. This one is a pressed and welded full aluminum frame that originally came in a sherbet orange color but was repainted automotive black. Any info is great. If you want to buy it, comment a bid.
  4. What do you pay attention to first of all? Color, design, construction, maybe something else? What attracts you to BMX?
  5. Hey hey, just wondering the rarity/value of this bike for sale near me. Late 80’s schwinn predator all original other than the seat from what I understand. Thanks in advance!
  6. I picked up this vintage 16" Western Flyer Invader bike from Western Auto at a thrift store.. It is in amazing shape, grips, pads and chain gaurd all in tact. Tires are solid/airless and tread looks new. Anyone have any idea about what year might be and if collectable/ worth anything?
  7. So, pretty much the first thing I do when i first get my hands on any Freestyle bike is... an Endo! Usually one of the first tricks we try to learn, and also gives you a great sense of the bikes overall geometry. Plus they look freakin' RAD.... So let's use this thread to post up pics of all kinds of ENDOs. Post up pics of you (preferably on your bike(s).... ....but also your friends... shots at contests.... and even favorite magazine shots. Here goes.... Endo on the 83 Freestyler... The 87 Kuwi... GT
  8. Old school BMX show & race on Saturday, June 16 in Yukon, Oklahoma. Show is from 5:00-7:00. Bikes need to be in place by 4:30. Categories include: old school, mid-school, freestyle, cruiser. Old school race is after 7:00. The show is free. Entry fee required for race. See details on the Yukon BMX Raceway Facebook events page. We’ve got lots of sponsors donating prizes and goods: Anthem Brewery, Hoffman Bikes, Celestial Cycles, Al’s Bicycles, Schlegel Bicycles, Melonbike, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Of OKC. Bring your bikes! This is a “can’t miss” event! For info email yukonoldschoolbmx@gmail.com or call 405-548-5835.
  9. A few quick details for this POW-WOW: SATURDAY, SEPT 19, 2015 -We will not be getting a permit this year! -No awards, just tons of bikes, chill folks, grilled food, great scenery and a ride along the boardwalk. -There is no alcohol allowed per SD park laws (I think they are on to the red cups so be creative). -There is no selling allowed (huge fines for that) so it will have to be WAY behind the scenes; no "for sale" signs, no displays, etc. Keep the stuff in your car/truck. -Bring your own food and grills! If you would like to chip in for food, please prepay in advance. (TBD) -This is a family friendly scene, so bring the wife and kids. -There is plenty of parking but if you want some prime real estate, get there early. -Bring a canopy (and sun screen), even San Diego gets warm! -We look forward to seeing plenty of people out. A special invitation goes out to all of the OC & LA brothers out there. Hope you can all make the drive down for this! This is a drama free event... www.BMXOUTSIDERS.com -yons1
  10. I recently became an owner of what I believe is a 1982 Kuwahara. Is it a KZ-1, KZ-2? This is my first BMX bike and I know nothing about them except for my internet search last night. I have a boat load of questions....... How can I tell what name brand the rims are? I know it has Dia Compe brakes with MX levers. Chrome is good on the handle bars, sprocket and rims and should clean up well. The paint on the forks is pretty chipped, but the rest of the frame is in really good shape. I am into vintage snowmobiles and I know with them original condition is key on certain models and restoration is ok on others. Would it be best to leave this bike as is, with it's patina (a survivor), clean it up, restore? And finally, the question we all hate on the snowmobile forum....what's it worth? I plan on taking more pictures tonight or many of the details. Are there any clubs in the New England Area? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Just heard X Games added BMX Dirt to the competition list! Also saw that 3 team members from Empire BMX are competing (Morgan Wade, Chase Hawk, and Sergio Layos). See the full invitee list here http://xgames.espn.go.com/events/2014/austin/invitedathletes/ I was looking around for some rides to the event, but haven't found any yet. Same for parties? I did hear you could park your bike at Circuit of the Americas! Anyone heard anything?