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Found 30 results

  1. cleaning up some folders on my hard rive and saw a ton of my old sidehack stuff. since i don't think there's been a comprehensive thread about all things sidehack related, i figured we needed to start one. please post up pics or ANYTHING pertaining to SIDEHACKS!!! i'll start... (this is a banner i made for our old site) chicks on sidehacks rule
  2. unburied the Hercules / Impakt sidehack today. i tuned it up and cruised it around the hood bustin out the solo tricks. nothing like some sidehack action in the so. cal sunshine!! made me think of Dave Mirra ....this is the hack he and Rob Dyrdek rode on the day we filmed the Fantasy Factory episode. took a new pic....
  3. Had this pic saved. So sick I thought I'd post it.
  4. I recently got this plaque. Presented to Gary Weber / Side-Hack Assiciation in 1968...definitely pre BMX but still a cool relic. I posted it on a sidehack group fishing for some info...check it out here. https://m.facebook.com/groups/788645904536768?view=permalink&id=872097872858237&ref=bookmarks Here's some info I found online of Gary.
  5. incredible day today in so cal... grey and i hit the park today to try out my new GoPro camera and took some cool video clips. here's a sequence of us airing out that i put together from screen shots. thought i'd post it up...
  6. classic pic on my wall that I got from Dan Goins with a Powerlite 1000 plaque from Jeff Bottema's trophy.
  7. me and truly odd have been riding this fire road again lately, except this time its with no brakes
  8. Often the race results only printed the last name Can you name the first name of some of the famous duos? I don't know so this isn't a trivia contest lol, I'm just asking. ??? Inman & Bill Wouda ??? Harvey & ??? Krull ??? McDowell & ??? Langosh ??? McDowell & ??? Wayne Is that Wayne King or someone with last name Wayne? ??? King & ??? Howie ??? Murphy & ??? Carter ??? Wolsey & ??? Larsen ??? Walker & ??? Fuller ??? Teske & ??? Bengrich (Jeff Gingrich?) ??? Sieber & Mike Welch
  9. i was cleaning up some folders on my computer and found some cool sidehack pics. i don't thing they've ever been posted so i figured i'd post a couple. this is one of me and greyboy (photo from cell phone by greg) (i think in paramount?) me bunny hoppin' some wood
  10. stumbled across this while looking for a venue to do the Eddie King Foundation event. It was on a mtn bike site.
  11. So I found this photo in the Impakt sidehack website, in their cool photo gallery of Side hacks from the past. I will bet my 3rd arm, this is a CBR based hack, the rear drop outs, head gusset, and fork tubes all look like the early CBR frame set, I just never saw this bike as a Hack.. Very interesting!
  12. I just picked this up from a local member/buddy. I figured my kids should have a good time on this thing. pic is as found last week. it was OG black at one point. nice and light .
  13. This was pinched from Facebook... It's Prom week all across America - and here's Miami BMX local Heather Han, showing how real BMXers do Prom. When she’s not on the sidehack, she is running the No.1 District plate for KS-03. Her date for the Oswego Kansas High School prom was Grant Kepner - who piloted the hack to the dance. Check YouTube for a video of Heather & Grant pulling up to prom in total BMX style. — withImpakt Sidehacks.
  14. lately I have been watching a lot of old school sidehack racing clips (1970s vintage). I was just wondering for you guys who raced or rode hacks back then, what kind of max speed could you touch along those downhill courses? must have been so much fun. i don't have many regrets because I did my share of insane fun shit. But I do wish I'd ridden a hack back when I had no regard for breaking my neck.
  15. Break out your SIDEHACKS!!!! I wanted to let everybody know that we're holding the 2nd Annual IMPAKT Sidehack Invitational Race again this year at the 2011 Old School BMX Reunion show at Bellflower. reigning champions Rob Miranda and Keith Muligan are returning to defend their title!!! if you have a hack and would like to race....please send me a message and confirm a position. join in on the sidehack action! here's a video from last year's event. frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>
  16. me riding, truly odd filming...trying out some new tricks on the hack
  17. this is my new personal hack, all 4130 chromoly, made in so cal. 15 pounds unbuilt stranger frame fit forks and bars gsport rims and hubs odyssey everything else
  18. this is a video me and grey put together for the 1st annual IMPAKT Sidehack Invitational Race held this last weekend at the BMXSociety gathering at Bellflower BMX track. congrats to the winners: Rob Miranda & Keith Mulligan
  19. IMPAKT sidehacks will officially be available tomorrow, dec. 15th, on walmart.com!!!! just in time for christmas!!!
  20. Me and Truly Odd are proud to announce that IMPAKT sidehacks will be holding an exhibition hack race at the gathering on June 5th at bellflower bmx track. If you are interested in racing, please email me at andreasstevens@charter.net. We are taking the first 16 teams that sign up, so dont wait till the last minute!! This race is strictly for exhibition...and bragging rights of course Winners will receive some nice parting gifts from our very generous sponors...Lotek, Odyssey, BMX Society, and Libertad We will be printing a limited run of tees featuring the graphic below for 15.00 If you want to guarantee yourself one, we are taking pre orders via paypal at the email address above, and please dont forget to specify your size!
  21. /> type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" width="500" height="350"> target="_blank">ODYSSEYBMX.COM » target="_blank">DAILY WORD From Odyssey: > type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" width="425" height="385">
  22. check it... http://bmx.transworld.net/features/introdu...ox-new-company/