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Found 5 results

  1. So after looking at the MX and seeing some others out there I dropped the rear brake & swapped out the spokes to a og set of Moto 1’s I have. And man I tell ya I really like it. You know simple is sometimes better as some have said about this frame the coaster was meant for it. Any rate I dig the look and can’t wait to ride it. Going to pop a blue chain rating on it and call it done.
  2. As the title says... let's document with photos and any info you might be able to add about manufacturer and era. I've got nothing. This is up to you guys. From motomag to spin, race to freestyle... everything. Let's focus primarily on old school and mid, but with the Skyway re-issues, information on how to differentiate old from new easily at a glance would be welcome. Anecdotes are welcome too. Why you love 'em, why you hate 'em. Pics of bikes with mags...Whatever.
  3. I used to have a pair of Morris Mags in 1990. My little brother lost the rear wheel in 1999 or so. I have always kept my front wheel. I just now started looking for a rear wheel. I can not find one so I bought the yellow N.O.S. front wheel off ebay. So now I have two front wheels. I have found out the front and rear wheel have the same U.S Pat. No. D232717 but are machined different the rear being bigger with a steel sleeve pressed in. This piece also includes the bearing races cut into it. I have a picture of a green wheel without the guts and also a paper add with an empty wheel. These are all I could find but I also have two pictures of a Motomag that used the Bendix 76 coaster brake, it's pretty much identical in the hub to the Morris Mag which also used the Bendix 76. My front wheel is 3.175" wide at hub with a 1.125 bore. I will have to have it bored out, My old hub is 1.600" (pic IMG_0608) so a little less -.002" or what ever the machinist thinks it takes to have a press fit into cast aluminum. Once bored out the rim will be narrower at the hub measuring 2.450". If you look at pic IMG_0613.jpg it shows how much will be cut out, losing the raised unpainted portion on both sides making the rim measure 2.450" at the hub. There is a picture called hub insert showing a aftermarket freestyle hub for a motomag. It has knurled parallel splines with a flange on the non driven side. I thought maybe I would do my Bendix 76 28 spoke hub like that but mine is not wide enough. It measures 2.025" inside spoke flanges, pic IMG_0610. It measured 2.250" outside the spoke flanges, pic IMG_0609. It measures 2.475" total width past flanges with it totally disassembled, pic IMG_0614. So. that is .025" twenty five thousandths more than the wheel. Once pressed in it should have .0125" hanging out of both sides. This will work. I might have splines cut in mine if the machinist thinks it needs it. Before I commit to doing this, are there any experts that know better than me about the Morris or Motomag Bendix 76 coaster brake design pertaining to the steel race insert in the wheels. Are there any broken mags available anywhere that I might get the bearing race sleeve out of or is that probably a pipe dream and go ahead and commit to my idea.
  4. So a wile back I helped out a good friend with a few bucks for a legal issue. And he pawned his 81 blue goose with me and I told him he had a year to buy it back and he did how ever wile in alcohol counseling his 50 year old counselor had sold him the black one for real cheap. He used it towards payment. The cherry was picked up from another friend. Now I tore down the black one and cleaned everything however the red one looked to never been taken apart so all I did was wipe it down. NEVER touched a bolt other then moving the bars forward a bit. I posted it on FB and had some fool try to tell me how much of a fool I was not taking it apart. However there was no need every thing on the bike is perfect down to the grease in every cup.
  5. Looked up this morning and saw these cool things. original red Motomag II's.