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Found 13 results

  1. Hi... I'm hoping someone can help me accurately identify our (2) Mongoose BMX's. I have been trying (for hours) to find a S/N Lookup on the internet but am not having much luck deciphering our bikes S/Ns. Here's what I know about them: They are MID to LATE 1990's Mongoose Menace Oversized 1020 - S/N: ACL6I04022 Mongoose Mission (designed in USA - made in China) - S/N: there's the letters "LI" over the rest of the S/N: SNCAB04G02640. (Note: The 1st digit looks like it could be an "S" or possibly a number "6"...it was hard (for me) to read Thanks Very Much!! ~ Hope and Bill ~
  2. Here's the Eric Rupe Mongoose. I think it is an Eric Rupe as the top and down tubes are the same size. Decals are not originals. SERIAL NUMBER: J4000498 Frame is pictured with Tange Aero forks but I did get Mongoose forks with it (see bottom pic). > SR Stem > junk seat clamp > DiaCompe caliper > Sugino Supermaxy cranks > TufNeck Chainring > SunTour XCII Pedals (1st gen) > Tange haedset (MX3?) WHAT THE HECK ARE THOSE BARS? Junk?
  3. BMX Products Inc. (maker of Mongoose) used the same format for all of their bicycle brands (Jag, Roger DeCoster, Moto-Trac, etc..) with a few exceptions. Typically, the Serial Number was on two lines, looking like this: CF9 133996 The first digit C stood for Chatsworth (California, where the factory started out) The second digit was the letter code for whichever month the BB shell was manufactured: A= Jan B= Feb C= Mar etc.. The third digit was the last number in the two digit year: 6 = 76 7 = 77 8 = 78 etc.. The next line was simply the sequentially numbered serial number. Random notes: The earliest models ('75) were comprised of five digit numbers only (see pic) In early '76 a "C" was added to the top line Example: C 17928 The Racer-X models serial numbers started with an X (example: XB8, rather than CB8) When the team mongoose model was introduced in '78, a "T" was placed in a third row at the bottom, as shown in this pic (you can barely make it out, but it's there) Later the "T" was moved to the top line, in front of the "C" for both Team Mongoose and Supergoose: Example: TCB0 This continued until sometime after March of '81 when the SN just went to one line, dropping the top line completely. The first digit was a letter followed by a one digit number F2 meant June of '82 (using the same code as the bike models above) and these SN's were no longer found on the BB shell, but rather the lug behind it. After 1980 it gets fuzzy for me since I lose interest in mongeese after 1980. Please feel free to add to, or correct this post.
  4. Just saw this record by Danny And The Mongoose Team called “BMX Boys” was released in 1983 in the UK. I think someone put together the video in the 2000’s to upload to YouTube.
  5. So a wile back I helped out a good friend with a few bucks for a legal issue. And he pawned his 81 blue goose with me and I told him he had a year to buy it back and he did how ever wile in alcohol counseling his 50 year old counselor had sold him the black one for real cheap. He used it towards payment. The cherry was picked up from another friend. Now I tore down the black one and cleaned everything however the red one looked to never been taken apart so all I did was wipe it down. NEVER touched a bolt other then moving the bars forward a bit. I posted it on FB and had some fool try to tell me how much of a fool I was not taking it apart. However there was no need every thing on the bike is perfect down to the grease in every cup.
  6. I'm not 100% sure of the year (1981 or 82...anyone know for sure when Denny signed with Skyway?) but these are from a trade show. Probably in Arizona, maybe Cali. Our shop (GH BMX) traveled out of Austin for the show and to race a few tracks out west. That JMC display? Sick The Goose set up? Sick Who knew there were black Bottemas??? Maybe someone on here will know the exact show and location. Fun little time capsule.
  7. Looked up this morning and saw these cool things. original red Motomag II's.
  8. cheez

    81 Goose F/F

    Nice 81 mongoose frame and fork 250 obo + shipping
  9. It's been a long time since this bike was this nice. It's pretty close to how I bought it from the pawn shop in the 90's. Had to replace the Tuffs and the Kos bars. It got an upgrade with the Knarlier Knobbys and the black Elina seat, but otherwise it's pretty close to how it came plus stickers and pads. Detail pics to come. I took the pic today at the vintage bmx show at the ABA Grand Nationals in Tulsa, OK.
  10. When I lived in Melbourne I was reasonably close to Waza so I was able to enjoy a personal BMX show each time I went there and learned a lot about BMXs and Mongooses in particular. Now I'm based in South Florida and live close to the other partner in VintageMongoose.com, namely Rick. This is where I get my BMX fix from these days and yesterday I spent some time there taking pictures as he is preparing to thin the herd by selling some. This is an early 1975 Mongoose with Matthews Girder forks, Femco wheels and a few Schwinn bits here and there. His collection is not only Mongooses or BMXs and includes (for the time being) a couple of all original 1975 Schwinn Scramblers. One regular and one mini. These have indications of use with a few marks here and there, however, the condition of the paint etc is amazing. The boys that had these must have been a bit anal about cleaning from a very early age or very strict parents!
  11. Just started scanning some of Russ Okawa's archive of negatives i have. Thought you guys might like to see more of the mongoose factory This would be early 1982.
  12. Finally completed this decade,i had pink tyres on it,but for some reason they just never looked rite,if they had of been gumwall tires and 20.175 they would of looked better,just thought i would show you this :D All comments welcomed
  13. Hello Oldschool people!!! Pleased to be here. Hoping some of you can point my buddy and I in the right direction. Found a mongoose but it doesn't have the Gusset with the hole in it and I remember those from back in the day. Bike shop sticker on the seat tube dates it as an 83 but I truly don't know. I call this a "Safety Special" cause it got more reflectors than a guardrail. All the parts are garbage except for the Skyway mags. Now , I'd like to know what would be the aftermarket parts from that time that you could suggest like cranks, neck, etc. Nothing too exotic . Now a question just from me. I have a TNT cruiser. No idea what year or model(was there models?)It's not a split seat tube type like I saw on the C4's. I wanted to know if TNT has a site where I could research it.I tried the "museum" link and it takes me to a Store that sells MTB's. It's a beautiful unrestored bike . If some one can tell me how to post pics I'd like to put it up and maybe some of you can share your knowledge as to what year and model it is. Thanks in advance Oldschoolers :smoke: