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Found 8 results

  1. I used to know how to ID them, and I know it's an easy one!!! I have an Early Powerlite No Gusset Butterfly rear Brake Bridge the serial number is stamped on the rear brake bridge 02381 I wanna clean this Frame and fork up..and sell it.. ...but i think I better know WTF I have first I thought( if memory serves me correct ) that it's an 82 ??????????????????? BUT, I want a definate answer....from a Pro ============================= Thanks in advance for the help, peace, Kev.
  2. Alright fellas, I'm an old school dude, but a newbe to this site pretty much, I have two bikes that I need help identifying... First off, I have what was told to me as an 88 Mongoose Decade Pro, pink and chrome, all original, but looks to be more like an 87 to me due to the crank sprocket, anyways, serial number is M7-A1914... The other one is just a pure chrome Dyno, all stickers removed, looks to be a Compe or Detour, but I was always more of a Redline guy than a Dyno guy, the serial is SY5G0745... Any help would be greatly appreciated... Thanks...
  3. Is there a way to find out the year of an SE bike per it's serial number, Like the GT frames( first for numbers show the month and year) Thanks for any help. Joblizzard
  4. A friend of mine just picked up a Floval Flyer with a serial number of IS58I013319289. What era is that? Mid or later?
  5. BMX Products Inc. (maker of Mongoose) used the same format for all of their bicycle brands (Jag, Roger DeCoster, Moto-Trac, etc..) with a few exceptions. Typically, the Serial Number was on two lines, looking like this: CF9 133996 The first digit C stood for Chatsworth (California, where the factory started out) The second digit was the letter code for whichever month the BB shell was manufactured: A= Jan B= Feb C= Mar etc.. The third digit was the last number in the two digit year: 6 = 76 7 = 77 8 = 78 etc.. The next line was simply the sequentially numbered serial number. Random notes: The earliest models ('75) were comprised of five digit numbers only (see pic) In early '76 a "C" was added to the top line Example: C 17928 The Racer-X models serial numbers started with an X (example: XB8, rather than CB8) When the team mongoose model was introduced in '78, a "T" was placed in a third row at the bottom, as shown in this pic (you can barely make it out, but it's there) Later the "T" was moved to the top line, in front of the "C" for both Team Mongoose and Supergoose: Example: TCB0 This continued until sometime after March of '81 when the SN just went to one line, dropping the top line completely. The first digit was a letter followed by a one digit number F2 meant June of '82 (using the same code as the bike models above) and these SN's were no longer found on the BB shell, but rather the lug behind it. After 1980 it gets fuzzy for me since I lose interest in mongeese after 1980. Please feel free to add to, or correct this post.
  6. the number is 182 and that is it . any idea on what this number means ? thanks ..
  7. Greetings, I recently rescued what I think is a 1976 FMF mild steel frame from the trash, but I'm having trouble finding information about the serial number on the BB. My serial number starts with "FJC" and then has three numbers. Does anyone have any info based on the serial number such as month/year when built, who built this frame, etc? Any relation to DB? Would this be considered a Breithaupt Replica? Would love to learn any more about this frame. Posted this on another forum, and many helpful people answered my questions as best they could, just wondering if anyone here knows anything further or knows anyone I can contact for more info. thanks