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Found 15 results

  1. Could use your help guys! This frame is not for sale... It has been mine for 40 years and I don’t plan to sell it. L I am looking to rebuild it, but this is my first time doing this. Hoping you guys can help me find some Tange TX-1200s which is what was on it back in the day. Also looking for a California Lite top tube frame pad in red. I seem to remember it had a Mongoose threaded stem set that was silver on bottom and possibly more of a copper color on top. Possibly Mongoose handlebars and seat post too. The other thing I remember is a sprocket that had 4 air or paisley/teardrop shaped cutouts in it. No idea of the brand, but it was a 1 piece crank set that most likely came on a Mongoose. I bought a set of new Tuff Wheel IIs in red, which is what was on it. My bike was originally a Mongoose frame that my Dad took back pretty quickly due to some quality issues. They essentially swapped everything off my original bike onto a PK RIPPER frame. Below is the story inspired in the SE Racing Vintage 70s and 80s group. PK48771 I am the original owner. I am told it is a 1981. I rode the hell out of this bike as a kid. It had Tange forks on it, red Tuff Wheel II mags, gold lettering, and red Oakley 3s. I was stupid and threw out the mags and other parts during a move 20 years ago. I had plans to build the bike up with Landing Gear forks, and a lot of SE racing stuff, so I figured I didn’t need that old “crap” wish I would have kept it. I did some searching on the internet back in probably 2002 or so, found a number and end up taking to Mike Devitt, the notes I took are below. He explained who he was and that based on my serial number he was most certain that he had built my frame. He also told me about “The Old Man” and said he would go over my frame and fix anything that needed fixing for $50. I had to ship it to him and back too. I was a broke college student, and I didn’t do it. I have always felt like that was a huge mistake. So here is my frame 20 years later, still sitting as a frame. Also, that sticker set is original stickers, those were purchased in probably 1985 or so. My bike was stolen, luckily I got it back, and those stickers were purchased as an extra set because I had to get a new set due to my stickers being taken off when the thief had my bike. Hope you all enjoy the story and the pics. I am adding... In 1981 I would have been 6 years old. We didn’t have much money, Dad was a fire fighter and mowed grass as a second job. But he wanted me and my brother to have awesome bikes. We easily had the best bikes in the neighborhood... :-)
  2. This 1979 (PK2) PK Ripper was found in the attic of a house over in Butler, New Jersey USA. Been there since 1985. This one was a bit of a mess though. Badly Spray Bombed in black and could see that it wasn’t in its original get up, but could see the Red it should have been wearing. So out came the stripper and once the black started to come off, we were then struck with a bit of yellow (possibly primer) before getting back to bare metal. There was evidence of its original colour still in the BB and around some of the welds. I’m not a fan of refinished frames so attempted to hand polish it to as near burnished finish as I can get. Lovely frame, rear drops are a bit chewed but no repairs. Spent a few hours going over and over with Autosol and microfibre cloth just cleaning her up slowly. I decided to go in that direction as I prefer bare metal/chrome frames. Gold headset swapped out for Silver and the forks got a clean up. Then just popped the original SE decals on. Plenty of pictures for ya.
  3. So I picked this Frame up from my step-brother, and I have had no luck identifying it. He says the gentleman that he got it from told him that it was a "PK Ripper" but I cant find any pictures to verify. Thank you in advance for any help ideas or suggestions
  4. What a great pic , Bicycle Motocross Action Feb 1980
  5. passed this bike parked on the sidewalk in downtown LA. spotted a checkered SE Racing pad....haven’t seen this before and thought I’d share.
  6. I have had this up on Facebook and the museum and had told myself I would pump the brakes on sharing it but then today I read something Steve wrote about having a repository in the event that FB goes the way of Friendster/Myspace etc. and wanted to make sure it had a good home here. I bought this bike from the original owner. He told me that his stepfather bought it for him in Portland at (he thought) Bob's Bicycles when he was living in Estacada, OR. After speaking with Ben Joy he pointed out that Bob's didn't carry DG parts so that would suggest it came from The Bicycle Gallery. He said that his step-dad was trying to make some amends for poor behavior and bought him, "...the most expensive bike they had at around $360-$380." It has a serial number on the BB shell: 777# (leaving one digit off) He didn't recall adding that. The seller contacted me and said he had a Late 70s Mini-Ripper that he had put in his family's storage in the early 80s and not touched since. I told him for a nice painted Mini-Ripper I would probably pay around $750 for a factory painted blue frame, thinking he'd never have a nice 78-79 Baby Blue frame, right?? He said,"ITS FACTORY BLUE!!" LOL He never sent photos as he isn't a smart phone user. The first time I saw it was when he text me from downstairs at my building. It hit me in stages. OH it's a PK...OHFUCK its a RTT...OHGOODGRAVYITSANODIZED! I told him I was happy to give him everything in my pockets, $8 plus what I could pull out of the ATM on my two cards and he said DEAL! I didn't have the 750 waiting because he gave me an hours notice at 6pm he was headed over. I did give him two very nice 1967 Ford Econoline head Light Bezels too but that is another random aspect of the story. After all that, here is the dang bike:
  7. i don't think i've ever posted this and just found the pictures on a old hard drive. SE Racing Quadangle downhill GPV frame set. story is, my buddy Jason (a non-collector) brought it out to show me years ago. he worked for a mutual friend that asked me bring some bikes to display at a clothing store opening event. Jason found out i was into old bmx and hit me up saying he had some old stuff he'd bring to show me. long story short....he shows up with this and the GJS freestyler he sold me. (i was told it was shown to Scott and that he tripped out. said it was his old frame he made to do GPV downhill racing...and could only remember making the one. mentioning he cut the bottom tube behind the head tube to extend the angle of rake.) (sorry for wack old cell phone pics)
  8. I saw Todd Lyons a while ago at a swap with a few things for sale. I was talking to him for a bit and noticed this seat sitting off to the side. I asked him what bike it was for, and he said it's not....it's a prototype/sample that never happened. I had to grab it. Note: I don't like using "prototype" but it's what was said)
  9. I found this pk ripper last week. I know serial numbers don't tell the story so i was wondering what light you SE guys can shine. I stripped the cheap spray bomb paint job and saw some remnants of red in the headtube and a few stubborn places.
  10. scored these Aero / SE Racing pants today. size 34 does "Iron Mike" ring a bell with anybody?
  11. enjoy it's in LA if you're interested...
  12. Here we have a rare facebook find. This bike is in amazing shape, call it what you will a race inc or and SE. I will not be putting that seat clamp back on, the electrical tape stays til I find a nice clamp which won't harm that seatpost.
  13. PK Ripper XL Test BMX Plus, August, 1992 PDF File attached... PK_Ripper_XL_Aug_92_BMXplus.pdf
  14. Footage from the gathering @ El Dorado Park, Long Beach 2008. Matt Bass (the guy behind Sk8face) gave this shirt to Scot... I think he said he got it in a thrift store. Scot was blown away and told the story. Pretty cool. BMX Society event - Scot Breithaupt, on the origin of SE camo Long Beach, CA from BMX Society on Vimeo.
  15. picked up this reynolds quad with landing gear lites the other day at the gathering. thought i'd post it up.