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Found 7 results

  1. Ok so a a little wile back I picked up this set of 36in wide Webco MX handle bars. That my brother found on a shelf at a closing motor cycle shop he’s been picking over for a wile. The frame and fork came from a guy in FB and the wheels were found on a cruiser at the curb. And let me tell ya the bars a nuts haha and it rides great. And more info on this bike I may have missed ? I know it’s made by Emory as a Webco but that’s about it.
  2. I am really starting to feel the Webco movement, but I am not an expert on the brand by any means. Thought I would start a thread where those in the know could add their knowledge on this BMX pioneer company. Pics are obviously welcome and a timeline story would be ultra cool. I know they started with motorcycles but I am looking for a history lesson here tags: 70's bmx, Webco
  3. Hello group! I just picked up a 1976 Schwinn Comp Scrambler that looks like it has an original Webco Super Stem on it. I haven’t been able to find much on line regarding rarity or worth. Anyone here that has any insight to this brand and their components? Thanks!
  4. As the title says... let's document with photos and any info you might be able to add about manufacturer and era. I've got nothing. This is up to you guys. From motomag to spin, race to freestyle... everything. Let's focus primarily on old school and mid, but with the Skyway re-issues, information on how to differentiate old from new easily at a glance would be welcome. Anecdotes are welcome too. Why you love 'em, why you hate 'em. Pics of bikes with mags...Whatever.
  5. First off, a HUGE thanks to Steve Bourke for helping me get it. Not sure how I'm going to do this bike as the original owner said he spray painted it and I do have a set of genuine Webco decals I've been saving forever. First gen Webco mono Ashtabula fork Schwinn/wald headset Takagi MX cranks Simi Motomags A&A or AAA bars Gummy bear Oakley Is Unknown stem (but looks familiar) Cheng Shin Tires Parsons seat KKT pedals Cheng Shin Tires. Unknown but moto front sprocket (Thinking of You Rick Twomey)
  6. Here is my 1974 Single Gusset Looptail WEBCO I am letting go Check it out Here >>>> http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/121927809978? Feel free to message me with any questions Thanks for looking Cheers